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Surfing in Guatemala

Let our Surfing Tours drive you to the Best Surf Spots in Guatemala. Our guide has the inside deals on all the best surf shops, where the best waves are and everything you need to know about Surfing in Guatemala.

Guatemala is one of the most beautiful and underestimated surfing and vacation destinations in Central America. The country is technologically advanced and has beautiful cities, wonderful people, excellent food, and some of the finest surfing areas around. And the best part about surfing in Guatemala, is you will avoid the obvious and often crowded reefs and points in the neighboring countries to Guatemala from the north and south.

Much of the coastline in Guatemala is open to all types of south and north swells, and its waters rarely drops below waist high, with chest-high surf consistent at many breaks. March through June is generally the time to experience the best combination of waves and weather, as the rainy season is just coming to an end. However, during the rainy season (July through February) bigger waves can be had and you can still find yourself surfing alone.

In addition to surfing, site-seeing in Guatemala is like no other. The country boasts more than 30 volcanoes, historical Ancient Mayan ruins and cities like Antigua and Likin with cobblestone streets and canal systems that will make you feel you are in an old city in Europe. And it’s all very affordable, with the current exchange rate giving you eight quetzals per American dollar, your money will go a long way.

You can find reasonable accommodations, vacation rentals and hotels just about everywhere, just make sure to ask to see the room beforehand. Areas in San Jose and Iztapa are the best places to stay to be closest to the surf. However, you can go up the coast to areas like Champerico and Tulate if the swells have some west in them to score some really fun waves and even affordable accommodations.

Guatemala also offers surf camps in the following cities: Tuboloco in Likin, El Paredon surf camp, or you can rent a house or bungalow on the beaches of Iztapa.

So come Surfing Guatemala Style – Avoid the Crowds and Enjoy the Waves!